The Environmental Protection UK conducts its yearly Noise Action Week event to stress the effects of noise to the society and its individuals

The Environmental Protection UK, through its Noise Action Week event, aims to emphasize the importance of noise reduction to the community and individuals. It partnered with different agencies in efforts to raise awareness of the effects of noise on various aspects of society.
It cited findings from the World Health Organization – Europe which noted that noise could lead to sleep disturbance, cardiovascular and psychophysiological effects. Not only does it affect health, but noise also affects a person’s mood by reducing performance levels and stimulating annoyance and change in behavior. One in five Europeans is subject to exposure to high levels of noise at night.

Because of noise complaints, local authorities spend over £130 to £7,000 just on investigating the nuisances. In 2014-2015, they received around 400,000 complaints. By reducing noise, the police and other authorities save funds usually used in dispute resolutions and other measures they undertake in such.

The government also makes sure to increase their efforts in contributing to the advocacy. The Office for Product Safety Standards under the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy imposed regulations on outdoor equipment that produce much noise.

The office-based these regulations on 57 kinds of outdoor equipment which they split into two categories. The first category is those subject to noise limits and noise markings which include lawn mowers, motor hoes, power generators, tower cranes, and concrete breakers. The second category is only for those with noise markings, such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, and concrete mixers. The equipment should also indicate the sound power level and a proof that the sound levels are measured accurately according to ISO standards.

The event involves not only the participation of the government and other authorities but also companies. One company engaged in the Noise Action Week this year is Vent-Axia, a company focused on home ventilation. They are innovating their products in a way that it contributes to noise reduction, such as developing silent fans.